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Germany and the Netherlands – destinations of an increasing number of Poles

The rising costs of living prompt Poles not only to look for additional employment in the country, but also to emigrate for work, writes “Rzeczpospolita”.

The daily reports that Germany and the Netherlands are the main seasonal job destinations of Poles, both those already completed and those planned.

More and more people have plans to emigrate. This can be seen in the statistics of the OLX Praca portal made available to “Rzeczpospolita”, where candidates for work abroad sent almost 700,000 applications in the first quarter of this year, which is more by as much as 90% than a year earlier”, the daily reads.

Also representatives of employment agencies talk about a visible increase in the number of applications for job offers abroad this year. Paulina Piskor, President of Contrain, notes in an interview with the newspaper that there are not only 37% applicants more compared to the previous year, but also that “we are often contacted by couples or entire groups of friends who would like to improve their financial situation.”

It happens that they take leave in Poland to get a seasonal job and save faster for a car, repayment of credit or a wedding”, she adds.

Higher salaries are the main reason for going abroad for work. Konrad Grygo, analyst of the OLX portal quoted by “Rzeczpospolita”, underlines that more than half of this year’s applications concern Germany, which is also due to the large number of job advertisements in this country. “They account for almost 60% of foreign job offers on OLX”, he emphasised.

The motivation for working across the western border is mainly a higher pay, e.g. the minimum wage in Germany is EUR 12 (approx. PLN 55) per hour and EUR 12.4 in the Netherlands.

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