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Poland’s first health card

The MediSky card enables you to benefit from the services of more than 22 000 health medical facilities and more than 800 hospitals across Poland. Plus, you won’t have to wait in line to see a specialist. Which matters seeing that prevention, early diagnosis, and effective healthcare are key to a longer and healthier life. It’s a good idea to start thinking about it as early on as possible to ensure you have immediate access to the best treatment out there—no matter what happens.

A health card is a solution that gives you the option to be treated at any medical facility across the country—irrespective of whether state operated or privately run.

The MediSky health card covers:

  • in-patient treatment at any clinic/hospital in Poland – up to EUR 250 000
  • doctor’s visits at any facility (privately run and state operated) in Poland
  • rehabilitation
  • diagnostic tests
  • cancer treatment
  • prescription medicine
  • medical transport

Private healthcare without having to wait in line?
Flexible healthcare plans?
All of this comes guaranteed with the MediSky health card!

Why have the MediSky health card?

  • the card gives you access to 890 hospitals and more than 22 000 clinics, doctor’s offices, and health centres across Poland (this to include Enelmed, Lux-Med, and Medicover)
  • you get appointments fast, even the next day, to see the best specialists prepared to devote as much time to you as need
  • free choice of a medical facility – close to your home or right at the other end of Poland – you get treatment wherever you want, even when travelling or on holiday
  • you save time – you come to the facility for the appointed time, without having to wait in a long line
  • convenience, comfort, and peace of mind – professional private healthcare and your trusted doctors at public health centres covered by one fee
  • no need to be insured with the National Health Fund – our card works even if you do not hold health insurance with the National Health Fund

Contact us to get your MediSky card.