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Healthcare membership plan vs. MediSky insurance

The public health system is not working as it should be, which is why many people opt for private healthcare plans. Paying for a monthly membership plan that is not exactly low-priced, they expect high quality healthcare and quick access to different specialists. Does it really work that way? Do the most expensive healthcare membership plans really provide help in every case? We have prepared a comparison of MediSky insurance vs. the most popular healthcare membership plans to give you the opportunity to make a conscious decision regarding the way you want to protect your health.

Healthcare membership plan – is it worth it?

After a cursory reading of a healthcare membership agreement, everything looks clear, so we decide to buy the cover without hesitation. The problems begin when there is a real need to use the services of a specialist at a very short notice. It turns out that there are a number of restrictions in the agreement that we simply did not expect. Ultimately, the healthcare membership plan turns out to be insufficient.

So, is there a solution that will satisfy even the most demanding customers? A solution that will fully meet their needs. Of course! MediSky private health insurance was created to meet all the expectations of patients and to provide them with appropriate preventive and medical care of the highest standard.

Healthcare membership plan vs. MediSky insurance

What distinguishes MediSky health insurance from standard healthcare membership plans? Why is it worth trusting our company? What do we mean by “medical care of the highest standard”?

MediSky insurance is primarily:

– free access to all private and public healthcare facilities throughout Poland – without exception,

– access to all specialists,

– full hospital care in all public and private hospitals throughout the country,

– second medical opinion,

– road and air ambulance services,

– all laboratory and diagnostic tests without additional charges,

– treatment of cancer and other serious diseases,

 – full range of outpatient surgery,

– HIV/AIDS treatment,

– covered prescription medicine costs.

Thanks to MediSky, you do not have to worry about long waiting times for appointments or not having consultation with a given specialist included in your package. MediSky insurance means all-inclusive and comprehensive healthcare. You choose the facility where you want to receive treatment. Additionally, payment for all services is made with the MediSky card! You do not have to cover the treatment costs on your own – it is extremely convenient.


If you care about peace, convenience and safety, check out the available MediSky insurance packages and enjoy your highest quality healthcare.

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