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Inflation drains the mental health of Poles

Inflation drains not only our pockets. According to a survey, even up to half of Poles experience deterioration of mental health and well-being because of it.

An increase in inflation adversely affects health. Already 50.9% of Poles complain about the deterioration of their health due to rising prices. These are the results of the survey by UCE RESEARCH and the platform, described by “Rzeczpospolita”.

The respondents reported deterioration of their mental health, mental condition, well-being or mental functioning.

The data discussed by the journalists of “Rzeczpospolita” come from the third edition of the survey. In the previous, July edition, less respondents (43.7%) mentioned the deterioration of mental health. In turn, the result from the first edition carried out in March this year was 38.5%. It is clear that the situation is still worsening.

Billions in costs

More than half of Poles associate the issue of personal finances with the deterioration of their mental state. The observed phenomenon is no longer just
a social problem but, above all, it takes on an economic dimension
. Here we can recall, for instance, a wave of sick leaves due to depression, stress or simply bad mental well-being”, says Michał Pajdak from, co-author of the survey, quoted by the daily.

According to “Rzeczpospolita”, UCE RESEARCH estimates that such a situation may cost the state and the economy even more than PLN 2 billion annually. We are talking here about payments for sick leaves or losses of companies caused by
a reduction in the attendance of employees and deterioration of their efficiency.

Moreover, the problem will not end with inflation slowing down.

The problem grows in society along with the increase in inflation, which affects all market participants, however, with different strength and at different times. It seems that this is only the beginning of many human dramas. Purely financial issues will also affect marital relations, which may result in a greater number of divorces or separations”, comments Pajdak in “Rzeczpospolita”.

In general, the survey shows that young people, less educated people and residents of small towns complain most frequently about health deterioration, the daily reads.

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