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Insurance for digital nomads – you must have!

A digital nomad – sounds cool! You quit your corporate job, you are free, you win new clients and stubbornly pursue your goals. You pack your laptop, mobile phone, small suitcase and… off you go! The world is truly beautiful, and you can work from any place around it. Porto today, Norway the day after tomorrow, and the Maldives next month. It is fantastic. Or rather it will be once you take care of one important thing – protect your health. After all, accidents and illnesses can happen to anyone. Health insurance is essential! But… is there an insurance policy or private healthcare offering on the market that will give you access to treatments worldwide? Can a digital nomad be fully protected? We actually have the answer to that question.

Insurance for freelancers and digital nomads – does it exist?

When you travel the world, even if your business is based in Poland, the insurance offered by the National Health Fund will not help you much. Of course, while staying in the EU/EFTA countries, you can use an EHIC. However, you must remember that the range of treatments provided under an EHIC is somewhat limited. You are only entitled to necessary and unplanned treatments. Furthermore, you are insured on the same terms as citizens of the country where you are staying, so if part of the cost of a given treatment is paid by a citizen in a given country, you are also obliged to do so. From a financial point of view, this option may not be the best.

Besides, if you want to travel outside the EU/EFTA countries, you will not be able to use an EHIC. Travel insurance could be an option, but it is not cheap and covers only the time of your trip. If you have an accident, it will help, but if you require longer hospitalization – then not necessarily. In such cases, you are usually required to continue treatment in Poland. And you do not want that, you want to live and work in different parts of the globe. You want to live peacefully and not worry about visits to surgeries, hospitals, and clinics. In this case, international private health insurance is a must! Fortunately, the right solution is now available!

MediSky international health insurance – this is the option for you!

Yes, it really does work! The MediSky health insurance will provide you with the highest quality healthcare anywhere in the world. You can be treated in Poland, Great Britain, Cyprus, Bali, Thailand – wherever you go. No queues, no unnecessary formalities (you pay for visits with a MediSky prepaid card!), no restrictions. The MediSky insurance covers e.g., emergency treatment, hospitalization, cancer treatment, preventive treatment, medical consultations with numerous specialists, rehabilitation, outpatient treatment, as well as obstetric, dental, and ophthalmic care. You are given total freedom when it comes to choosing the private medical facility to be treated at. And if necessary, the multilingual Customer Service Center is at your disposal 24/7!


Peace of mind, safety, highest quality private healthcare in your country and anywhere else in the world! Check the available packages and choose one that is the best for you.

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