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International health insurance is private coverage designed to provide protection for individuals, families, and company employees. The insurance coverage territory also applies beyond the borders of Poland.

Here are some key features of international private health insurance:

International health insurance designed to protect individuals, families and company employees, with private coverage extending beyond the borders of Poland.

Key features of international private health insurance include:


  • Global Protection

    International health insurance offers protection at home and worldwide. This is particularly valuable for those of you who travel frequently or reside permanently abroad.

  • Most Comprehensive Medical Care

    International health insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage, including inpatient and outpatient services, preventive care, maternity care, dental care, emergency medical evacuation, medication coverage and much more.

  • Freedom to Choose Medical Facilities

    Complete flexibility in choosing clinics/hospitals in Poland and abroad. .

  • Personalized Plans

    Policy coverage can be customised to meet your specific needs. You can choose the territorial scope, type of plan, deductible amount and other elements to best suit your requirements and budget.

  • Emergency Assistance

    International health insurance always includes emergency assistance. This 24/7 service is crucial in emergency situations in a foreign country. Language support, logistical coordination, and evacuation are guaranteed.

  • Protection for Expatriates

    International health insurance always includes emergency assistance 24/7 - crucial in a foreign country when your health really depends on it, with language support, logistical coordination, and evacuation all guaranteed.

  • Chronic Illnesses

    International health insurance does not cover costs related to pre-existing conditions. You are required to complete a medical questionnaire and disclose any existing health conditions.

  • For Long-Term

    International health insurance policies are long-term insurance products subject to annual renewal.


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