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About us

MediSky belongs to MediHelp International group, the leader of the health insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe. We are present in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Our medical partners are among the leading companies providing services on the local and European market. For the benefit of our clients, we successfully combine international medical care with emergency assistance in Poland and abroad.

We have an increasing tendency to live our lives according to a tightly run schedule, where important milestones are reached within carefully set deadlines. We make plans for career development, setting up a business, holidays, getting married, having children. Unfortunately, this perfectly organised list of things to do and goals to reach frequently fails to take into consideration the one thing that matters most: our health. Yet, this is something that we rely on in all the other aspects of our lives. Being healthy gives us the ability to work, be successful in our professional lives, start a family and provide a secure future for ourselves and our loved ones.

Take care of the one thing that matters!

Can we make plans regarding our health, though? Where would we even start? With all the significant improvements in medical technology and state-of-the-art treatment options, we want to ensure that if we are taken ill, we have the means to obtain treatment quickly at the best available healthcare facilities.

Your health in our hands!

MediSky offers superior healthcare plans enabling their policyholders to be treated both domestically and abroad. Dependent on the level of cover you have chosen we provide fast access to hospital treatment, emergency care, outpatient consultations, preventive screening, transplants, rehabilitation and cancer therapy. 

MediSky International Management Team

Zahal Levy

President, MediSky International

As MediHelp has become a market leader in Health Insurance and Medical Assistance, we have taken pride in our customers, staff and partners, all of whom are the fabric of our success.

Our corporate values and culture put people first, resulting in top notch customer care, career growth for our staff, satisfied world-leading insurance underwriters and supporting partners.

You may be reading our website while considering doing business, or starting a career with us. Whatever the reason is, I can assure you that your entry into our world will make you want to stay.

Come on in!

Arkadiusz Piątek

Country Manager

The key to our company’s success is innovation and a high quality of customer service. Both of these areas are a priority. We focus on technical innovations that make our customer’s life easier. We provide them a professional and individual service. Managing MediSky involves the responsibility for the development of its employees, and for fostering good relations with partners, brokers, and insurance agents. It is big a responsibility as it also includes the health of many of our customers who have trusted us and who will stay with us for years.
I want our company to become better and better every year. Recently, we have undertaken many activities that have contributed to its positive development. This year, we will implement a chosen strategy that will allow us to set the highest standards on the international health insurance market.