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International Health Card

MediSky provides you with medical care anywhere in the world. We give you the freedom of choice for any doctor, any clinic, any hospital - home and abroad.

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    top quality healthcare

    For me

    For me

    Get the fastest access to many different treatments, including hospital and emergency care, preventive medical check-ups, cancer therapy and dental care, at all medical facilities across Poland and abroad with MediSky Health Cards.

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    For me and my family

    For me and my family

    Ensure the best possible health protection for your whole family, including your children, with access to medical services of the very highest standard.

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    For my company

    For my company

    Acquire and retain the best employees, and enhance your company’s prestige on the market with medical care at the very highest level and other unique benefits of the MediSky Health Card.

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    MediSky is part of the MediHelp International Group

    We are a market leader in private health insurance in Central and Eastern Europe. MediHelp has been present on the market for more than ten years. We have offices in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. Our medical partners are top local and European providers. We successfully combine international health insurance with global medical assistance for the benefit of all our customers.