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Public health care is not always able to provide immediate access to the required medical services. Waiting for a few weeks or even months to see a specialist is quite commonplace. Unfortunately, when it comes to health, time is very valuable.

A safe option is to have private health insurance that will simplify and expediate your dealings with health care providers and ensure your peace of mind. Therefore, MediSky International has prepared a wide range of plans to address the needs of your entire family. Our MediSky Health Card can also cover children, including even the youngest ones. We want to give your family the best care possible!

You will have access to health care services of the highest standard. Waiting in line for appointments with specialists will become a thing of the past!
MediSky Health Card provides the fastest access to various types of treatment: hospital, emergency, preventive screening, cancer therapy, as well as paediatric and dental care.
MediSky International Health Card guarantees treatment at specialised private facilities both in Poland and abroad.
With your and your family’s needs in mind, we have developed different options — you can choose from five available plans.

Give your loved ones peace of mind. The MediSky International Health Card will allow you to fully enjoy life in the knowledge that the health of your family is in good hands.

Medisky health care plans

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Overall maximum limit
€ 500,000
€ 1,200,000
€ 1,500,000
€ 1,750,000
€ 2,000,000
Cancer treatment
Transplant services
Out-Patient (up to € 1000)
Out-Patient (up to € 5000)
Out-patient (no limit)
Dental & vision

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