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With our MediSky International Health Card, you will take care of your health using the services of private medical institutions. We provide medical consultations with doctors of many specialties, diagnostic tests, outpatient procedures and rehabilitation. Check the available packages and choose the best one for you.

Medisky health care plans

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Overall maximum limit
€ 500,000
€ 1,200,000
€ 1,500,000
€ 1,750,000
€ 2,000,000
Cancer treatment
Transplant services
Out-Patient (up to € 1000)
Out-Patient (up to € 5000)
Out-patient (no limit)
Dental & vision

Do you need an offer for the whole family? We will provide your relatives with private medical consultations and diagnostic tests on a daily basis, as an alternative to a medical subscription. We will also provide support after an accident or in a serious illness. Contact us for an individual quote.