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Lead Generation Specialist

A challenging position is now available, one offering very flexible working hours, based in any location!

The perfect opportunity for a master of social media and web researching.

If you enjoy communicating with people, this position is ideal for you.

We seek external collaborators: “Lead specialists”, who speak Polish, English, Romanian, Hungarian and/or Bulgarian.

No past work experience in the field of medical health insurance is required.


  • Actively search and contact potential clients, creating a prospect-pipeline for our local Sales Team (Health Guides) by using social media, the internet, events, promotions, and other effective tools
  • Introducing MediHelp International to customers to gain access to the very best health care solutions in their country, in Europe, or worldwide
  • Create interest for high-class health care services provided by MediHelp
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting for potential clients
  • Create a prospect list for our local sales teams
  • Share activity reports


  • Payment made against an invoice
  • Able to work from home, in a quiet, suitable environment where you will not be interrupted
  • Owns a PC or laptop with excellent broadband connection and web camera
  • Working for MediHelp for a minimum 10 hours per week
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Creativity & sociability
  • Persistent & confident personality
  • Goal-oriented & highly organized
  • Self-motivated with a winning spirit
  • Open mindset, readiness to learn and develop
  • High degree of integrity and honesty
  • An enthusiast of web searching and good social media navigation skills