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Sales Process

Obtaining offers for your customers

Issuance of policy

Due to the fact that the policy will be in effect from the date of payment, you will be required to send a confirmation of payment as made by the client.
All documents must be personally completed and signed by the clients only.
You will receive a membership package for each of your clients containing a welcome letter, general terms of insurance, membership card and insurance certificate, an invoice, a claim form and an insurance product information document.
Correspondence with your clients will take place only with you acting as the intermediary.

MediSky Customer Zone platform

Agents and customers have access to an online platform.
This tool is designed to conveniently:

  • Select the right insurance plan.
  • Calculate the cost of premiums.
  • Purchase a policy and pay for it online.
  • View current and previous proposals.
  • View insurance documentation.
  • View payment history.
  • Pay upcoming premiums.
  • Submit claims.