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Why MediSky?

The story of MediSky is a story about our lives. It is a story about investors, entrepreneurs, employees and clients we work with. It is a story about health care.
MediSky is part of the MediHelp International group. Over the years, our organisation has become a leader on the health insurance market. This was possible due to the excellent leadership and continuous diligent work. For some of us, MediSky and MediHelp are an important chapter in both our professional and personal lives.
We have become a reputable and continuously developing organisation, respected and valued by leading insurance companies, partners, employees and clients all over the world.
We have been adhering to the highest standards of practice from the very beginning. Our motto is: “A mutually beneficial partnership”.

Who we are?

The first chapter of our story was written several years ago. We were the first organisation to offer international health insurance in Central and Eastern Europe, along with support in the form of professional medical assistance and a Customer Care Department. Currently, at our locations in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, we successfully combine international health insurance with international medical assistance for the benefit of our customers.
MediSky International Sp. z o.o. conducts its insurance operations in Poland in line with an agency agreement and a power of attorney granted by the insurance company, and it is entered in the Register of Insurance Agents kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Commission.

Why health insurance?

In 1883, when the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck established the world’s first compulsory national social insurance system, he probably did not expect that this area of services would develop so rapidly and dynamically. We live in a fast-paced world of stress and deteriorating environmental conditions. Statistics warn of new diseases that threaten our health. Health insurance has become a necessity, a symbol of assuming responsibility for our health and that of our loved ones and employees.
MediSky International is an expert in the field of international health insurance. Our goal is to provide customers with tools to facilitate understanding of the medical insurance system. MediSky International policyholders benefit from top-quality customer service, while being able to count on confidentiality as one of our values. Our customers treasure their own health and wellbeing. Our philosophy stating that we are, and will be, the best on the market guides us in our decisions and relations with our employees, partners, associates and, most importantly, customers.