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Employees seek private healthcare

As many as 60% of employees are willing to participate in the costs of personalised medical packages. This number rises to 67% if the solution includes additional dental services. The latest IR Center report, which was created in cooperation with the Enel-Med Medical Centre, shows how the priorities and expectations of Polish employees have changed. Still less than half of them are provided with medical care at their workplace.

Due to the fact that Polish employees care about their own health and the health of their family, the medical package becomes quite an effective tool in the competition for employees. 60% of employees declare that they are willing to participate in the cost of personalised medical packages. Unfortunately, most of them do not have such a possibility anyway because this solution has not yet become a standard.

Poles focus on health

Health matters to Poles and they want to take care of it – this is the conclusion of
a survey. The authors conducted a comprehensive analysis on a sample of almost 900 people, which clearly shows that Poles primarily focus on their health and the health of their loved ones. 97% of the survey participants emphasise the importance of caring for the health of other family members, 94% indicate that it is important for them to take care of their own mental and physical health. The quality of services is definitely important when taking care of health – as many as 68% of respondents are willing to pay more if it allows them to use the services of a better specialist. This trend is particularly visible among people aged 25-34, residents of large cities and among white-collar workers and IT specialists.

Employment – preferably with a guaranteed medical package

The survey indicate that employees attach great importance to whether their current or potential employer offers them medical care. The medical package is important for 73% of respondents and very important for 28% of them. 24% of respondents consider the medical package to be a standard.

Although employees appreciate this type of benefit, it has not yet become
a standard among employers in Poland. Currently, 43% of people declare that they have a medical subscription.

Such packages are especially popular in companies and large enterprises employing over 250 people. Here, 63% of respondents have such packages. 49% of people employed in medium enterprises declare that they have a package. In small enterprises, less than one third of respondents (29%) have medical care provided.

Medical package – yes and preferably personalised

As many as 83% of respondents would like to have a package tailored to their needs, however, most of them do not want the employer to conduct analyses regarding package profiling. Only 28% of people are open to this type of survey. At the same time, employees more and more often express their willingness to participate in the costs of profiled medical services. As many as 60% of respondents could pay extra for the package and 67% are willing to do so if the employer includes dental services in the package.

White collar workers and people employed in small enterprises are the least willing to pay extra for a tailor-made medical subscription. Employees in the construction and IT business as well as those working in large enterprises are more interested in a tailored package (but without dental services).

The medical package and the image of the employer

77% of respondents declare that for them, the medical package is an expression of care for employees. 69% of people consider an employer offering this type of benefit recommendable. And 65% of them believe that the guaranteed medical package affects the commitment and motivation of employees.

Every tenth Pole has private health insurance

Fear of illness, concerns about losing health or lack of access to medical care are the reasons why the number of people covered by private health insurance increased by 10.6%, reaching 4.08 million at the end of the third quarter of 2022. Poles spent nearly PLN 880 million on private insurance policies, which is 12.45% more year on year. Poles are increasingly willing to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the additional healthcare products available on the market. The offered products are more and more extensive and thus comprehensive. They facilitate health monitoring, which translates into reducing the health debt. Health insurance, which is more and more popular, has become an indispensable support for the public healthcare system.

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