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Health insurance like a streaming platform – the widest access to the best offer

Arkadiusz Piątek, Country Manager of MediSky, argues that access to healthcare can be trouble-free, fast and as comprehensive as possible for both individual customers and companies.

My Company: A forewarned Pole is forearmed but are they insured?

Arkadiusz Piątek: They are certainly more aware. Over 80% of Poles are not satisfied with the public healthcare, which is why many people buy additional health insurance. Statistics show that almost
3.7 million Poles already have them. Poles spend over PLN 760 million annually on private health insurance!

But we should remember that a significant part of those insured have a subscription offered as an additional benefit at work.

AP: Yes, but it should be noted that the times when such network medical facilities provided adequate availability and quality of services are gone. If someone still hesitates whether to buy an additional health policy, I suggest comparing the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance of our policy with those included in the subscriptions. They will immediately see the difference: a significantly limited range of services included in the subscription. In addition, due to the current inflation, the prices of the subscriptions themselves have soared even by 60%. Therefore, both companies and individual customers look more and more often for a different solution.

Namely medical packages as part of the policy. But do people really need it?

AP: Of course. Our experience shows that Poles need real security for the future, not its substitute. The Health Card that we offer is a solution for those who care about the highest standard of healthcare. Such policies provide comprehensive medical care: from basic diagnostics, through treatment of severe diseases and possibility of using a second medical opinion, to access to all best private medical facilities in Poland and abroad.

Do you aggregate the best solutions for patients available on the market?

AP: Subscriptions can be compared to a cable TV operator – limited offer and no access to the best programmes. Health insurance is a solution of the future, like a streaming platform. The range of MediSky packages is a response to the needs of our customers, which cannot be met by any other provider of medical services operating currently on the market.

Can the Health Card be used as easily as watching the aforementioned streaming platform?

AP: Undoubtedly – customers make their own appointments at a medical facility of their choice in Poland or abroad. They pay for everything contactless with our prepaid card. It is the customer who chooses the specialist in the preferred location, availability and quality.

Who buys such packages most often?

AP: The recipients are most often educated people who care about the quality of life and their own health as well as the health of their loved ones. They are often the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as management boards of large companies. In a word – anyone who is aware of the risk and consequences of the lack of appropriate medical care.

You are relatively new on the market.

AP: It is hard to mark our presence on the market with so much competition in Poland. But we know that our product is so good that it speaks for itself. We have succeeded on other markets. MediSky is a part of the MediHelp International Group. We have been present in our part of Europe for over
20 years. Our partner is AXA – one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

We started with benefits at work and we will end there. Insurance policy as a benefit – is it worth investing in it?

AP: Health is the most important thing, as we learnt during the pandemic, and this trend will continue. Medical care with our policy is not only a product that stands out on the market, but also a guarantor of the safety of individual customers as well as companies in which the health of the managerial staff is crucial for their development.

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