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How To use the policy

We are here for you

Should you have any questions regarding claims, policies, pre-authorizations or payments, please contact us during our working hours (Mon-Fri: 9.00am-5.30pm) on:

For emergency medical assistance, evacuation and repatriation outside of the abovementioned hours, customers can use the telephone assistance numbers provided on their membership cards.

Policy service

Activating a new policy

Within two working days

To initiate the policy activation process, we require the following documents:

Policy application form – where all the fields have to be completed, signed by the customer and identifying the beneficiaries.
Confirmation of payment for the policy.
Authorisation letter for the broker.

Handling of claims

Within two working days

Claim forms can be submitted to MediSky International using the online MediSky platform or by e-mail. Your customers are required to send us copies of the following documents:

  • Claim form – where all the fields have to be completed.
  • Medical documentation.
  • Invoice/bill together with a list of services provided to them.
  • Confirmation of payment.

We undertake to keep your customers updated on the status of the claim handling process.

Watch short video how to claim.


Between 2 and 5 working days

All claims relating to hospitalisation and doctor appointments the cost of which is in excess of EUR 500 have to be pre-authorized by MediSky. Customers are required to contact our Customer Care Department and send a filled-out claim form providing the following information:

  • Diagnosis/symptoms.
  • Date of onset of symptoms.
  • Length of hospitalisation (if applicable).
  • Treatment plan.
  • Estimated cost.
  • Name of hospital, country.
  • Estimated treatment/therapy date.

At the customer’s request, we also provide pre-authorization for costs below EUR 500. For any treatment, apart from the first visit to a GP / specialist, it is safer to seek such prior approval.

Policy renewal and cancelation

MediSky International will provide the policy renewal terms and conditions 2 months before the policy’s expiration date.
Please contact your customer to confirm that they intend to renew the policy and verify that the applicable renewal premium has been paid.
If any changes are to be made to the insurance plan in effect, you are required to notify MediSky no later than by the policy renewal date.
In the event that your customer takes the decision not to renew the policy, you are required to notify us of the customer’s decision in writing.