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Medical second opinion – what is it and who should be seeking it?

It is estimated that as many as 18 million people developed cancer in 2018 only. A cancer diagnosis turns the world upside down for the patient and their family. An illness as serious as this leaves no room for errors. Which is why it is worth obtaining the so-called medical second opinion. 

According to the World Health Organization, millions of people worldwide die each year because of incorrect medical treatment. The WHO data shows that as many as 40% of patients globally are subjected to suffering and harm while in outpatient care. In turn, as far as hospitals are concerned,  the figure stands at 10%. Medical errors are made in many areas, including misdiagnosis, prescription of unsuitable medication and referrals for unnecessary treatments.


medical second opinion gives you an additional medical consultation on your diagnosis and treatment plan. Time, correct diagnosis and putting together the most effective treatment plan possible are of essence when fighting a disease. It is not unreasonable to have doubts as to your treating physicians’ credibility immediately after being given the diagnosis or during treatment.

When faced with an illness as serious as this, you want to be certain that the diagnosis given was correct and the actions taken were suitable. Alas, the statistics show that one in eight oncological patients is misdiagnosed. An error like this prevents patients from receiving personalized therapy.

medical second opinion will give you an insight beyond the standard information available through the state healthcare system. You will be able to learn about the latest diagnostic methods and up-to-date therapies that can be applied, thus becoming able to carefully manage your treatment. Moreover, reliance on an independent source of knowledge will enable you to assess your treating physicians’ competence, as a result of which you will be able to ensure that you are provided with proper care.

It is important that as part of your medical second opinion you seek comprehensive information on the different advanced therapy options available in Poland and abroad. This is the only way to make certain that you are provided with the most effective treatment. If you are diagnosed with a rare type of cancer or told that there are no effective therapies available to you in Poland, a medical second opinion will help find a solution for this difficult situation.


All MediSky insurance holders are provided with a guarantee that, when necessary, they will be able to seek a medical second opinion and consult the best specialists around. MediSky gives you the opportunity to directly contact international oncology opinion leaders and scientists.

All MediSky customers obtain the right to use the services of NESA, an oncological advisory board that brings together leading specialists from as many as 57 countries. Many of NESA’s members are oncological surgery experts and scholars of a variety of related disciplines.

The NESA platform gives all of MediSky customers access to NESA expertise. Patients are able to submit medical reports and other documents relating to any oncological condition for review and seek a medical second opinion. This is a service created by MediSky specifically for its customers to provide them with the assurance that the diagnosis given to them is correct and that suitable treatment is planned and undertaken.

Detailed information on medical second opinion with MediSky can be found here:

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