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Category: Stay healthy

What do the Poles know about immunity?

It would seem that in the time of the epidemic the subject of immunity should become a critical concern. After all, we are bombarded with expert opinions, slogans such as “take care of your immunity”, and advertisements and commercials for one “immunity focused” remedy after another.

Corona Virus Topics Screening and prevention

INFECTIONS CAUSED BY THE NEW CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS SARS-COV-2) SCIENTISTS ARE STILL SEARCHING, AND A LOT IS STILL UNKNOWN. WE SEE ONLY THE “TOP OF AN ICEBERG” AND NOT THE TOTAL EXTENT.The research priorities focus now on epidemiology (how the transmission is, how factors cause the infection), the diagnostics…

Cancer treatment abroad

It is estimated that at the moment cancer is the second leading cause of death in Poland. It is most likely that in a few years’ time it will move to the first position on that inglorious list. Approximately 160 000 people are given the cancer diagnosis each year, out…